Leasing new life into your paving is easy with our jet wash and pressure cleaning services. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we have travelled the Northeast removing years of grime and dirt from patios, pathways and driveways.

Additionally, our patio & driveway cleaning services are extremely cost-effective, saving you time and money when trying to buy the supplies and machinery yourself. Plus, we offer a paving sealing service, so once we’ve cleaned your pathways the finish will last even longer. Here are a few of the paving maintenance services we offer:

  • Jet cleaning and pressure washing,
  • Driveway, paving and patio sealing,
  • Decking pressure cleaning,
  • Patio restoration,
  • Paving repairs and replacement,
  • Waterless patio cleaning.

Areas our pressure washing services cover

Patio & Driveway Cleaning in Newcastle, Gateshead
Patio & Driveway Cleaning in Newcastle, Gateshead

Luckily, we service all three counties of the North East of England, including Tyne and WearNorthumberland and County Durham, with customers returning to use our driveway cleaning services again and again.

Our trusted reviews from clients from the region shows you we are are a trusted trader. Furthermore, we work for both homeowners and commercial clients. No job is too big or small.

Take a look at our recent reviews from driveway cleaning in Gateshead, SunderlandSouth Shields and Durham

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Why you should choose a professional for paving and driveway cleaning

The North-East isn’t exactly the sunniest of places, you can expect the changing weather and strong winds to soak dirt and grime deep into your paving stones. So how do we combat this?

The first call is to hire a professional paving cleaner, such as Gateshead Tree Care, to use a powerful pressure washer to blast away the months (sometimes year) of filth. The results will be a “like new” clean of the driveway or pavement, with moss, stains and much nowhere to be seen.

However, you may be saying “I can do this myself”, but there is more to this simple job than just using a jet wash. A professional driveway cleaner should always be hired to avoid the damaging your paving. Overuse of the jetwash is the primary cause of damage to the joints or cracks of the paving stones and will lead to sinking or sagging of the driveway or patio.

Why should I have my Patio and Driveway sealed?

Patio & Driveway Cleaning Tyne & Wear
Patio & Driveway Cleaning Tyne & Wear

The main reason to use paving sealers is to prolong the look and life of your freshly cleaned driveway or patio. A sealer will make pavers resistant to stains from spilt material such as oil and dirty water. Also, a sealed patio will help retain the natural colours of the stone by reflecting UV rays (sunlight).

Another great reason to seal your driveway is it will reduce the growth of moss and weeds. This will help retain the joints of the paving stones without vegetation breaking through weak areas.

We only use the best in sealers to ensure efficient, effective and long-lasting results. Additionally, our expertise in applying the sealant will give you peace of mind. Applying sealer is a skill with temperature and moisture playing a key role in how to apply. Furthermore, using too much sealer on the paving can lead to a poor finish, too little and it won’t protect.

Reviews of our driveway cleaning services

My driveway looks like new

Gateshead Tree Care really delivered on cleaning my driveway and was highly professional with the service. Billy arrived on time and talked me through exactly what he was going to do. He delivered an outstanding job. Recommended!

M Horne, Gateshead

Sealed my patio after a flooding

With the recent storms here, our patio looked ruined with dirt washed deep into our stones. However, Gateshead Tree Care restored my patio as if it was new with his jetwash and sealed it to prevent it from getting damaged. Thank you.

J Knowles, Newcastle Upon Tyne

My pathway has never looked so good

Very happy with the service provided. After years of neglect, I always thought our pathways would need replacing, but this company saved me a tonne of money. They look as good as new and was a competitive price.

L Harrington, Sunderland


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